1920s Flapper Dresses
20s Flapper Dress by Hattie Carnegie 20s Flapper Dress by Hattie Carnegie 20s Flapper Dress by Hattie Carnegie 20s Flapper Dress by Hattie Carnegie

Roaring 20s Flapper Dress by famous American Designer Hattie Carnegie.

Decadent Egyptian Revival Art Deco dress. It is made of black silk sheer crimped chiffon, crepe georgette silk fabric. It has flounces with countless spangles or sequins which are shaped like long thin leave sheathes or scales or chandelier prisms. Bottom black flounce has its sequins attached in circular sitch work. This dress is designed to move as you dance and walk flounces bounce in perfect rhythmic motions, top sways differently from bottom flounce. Bodice of dress has simple v neck in front and long low v neck in back. Bodice is made as sheer chiffon blouse with scarf size belt ties. Decorated with gold metallic lame lace. This blouse can be tied up at hips in different ways or worn with ties draped across shoulders.

20s Flapper Dress 20s Flapper Dress 20s Flapper Dress

1920s silk chiffon flapper dress with intricate beading.

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