Denise Betesh

Denise creates the work at her studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When starting a new piece, the gold is milled and drawn, either to form a design or accommodate a gemstone. Tiny granules of gold are then individually fused onto the surface of the metal without solder. This delicate and detailed process, called 'granulation', was refined by the Etruscans, and has been used since the third millennium BC by the goldsmith's of the eastern Mediterranean regions.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Denise discovered her interest in jewelry early. As a teenager in the 60's, she created macrame out of wire. She made several wedding bands, one of which her grandmother wore. It was seen by Cartier jeweler Aldo Cippullo (creator of the 'screw bracelet') who commissioned work from Denise and encouraged her career. Bolstered by this support, she attended the Boston Museum of Arts, specializing in ancient techniques, and studied in New York at the Jewelry Arts Institute (formerly Kulick-Stark), specializing in granulation and chain making.

Denise Betesh jewelry Denise Betesh jewelry
Denise Betesh jewelry Denise Betesh jewelry
Denise Betesh jewelry Denise Betesh jewelry

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