Todd Reed

In 1992, Todd Reed introduced raw and uncut diamonds to contemporary jewelry. While the term diamond had for centuries been associated with brilliance and clarity, Todd Reed redefined it to celebrate the "perfect geometry" found in the natural, uncut diamond. His passion has led him to be regarded as the leading expert in rough diamonds. The inherent beauty of raw diamonds' natural shapes and diverse spectrum of colors lends to the uniqueness and variety offered by Todd Reed's hand forged and fabricated jewelry.

Each piece is created from start to finish in his luxurious design studio in Boulder, Colorado using high carat recycled gold and other precious metals paired with the most unique diamond specimens in the world. The end result is jewelry that evokes an intimate connection between art and an individualís self expression. Each of his designs comes with a promise of unsurpassed quality.

Todd Reed is the winner of many prestigious international jewelry design awards, featured in museum collections and showcased in the finest books on jewelry design available. His nature inspired designs are coveted in fashion and jewelry periodicals throughout the world.

Todd Reed jewelry
Todd Reed jewelry
Todd Reed jewelry
Todd Reed jewelry
Todd Reed jewelry
Todd Reed jewelry
Todd Reed jewelry

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Todd Reed

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