Ele Keats

Born in Paris and raised in Europe, New York and Los Angeles, Ele Keats first discovered the magical world of gemstones on a trip to India she took with her mom and sister, at age 17. Years later, a trusted mentor suggested she wear an emerald necklace for its healing and protective qualities. Unable to find the perfect piece of jewelry, she designed one for herself. With an overwhelming response from both friends and strangers asking where they could find her necklaces... a jewelry line was born. Ele specializes in inspirational and birthstone designs. Inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth,” she created the “This Too Will Pass” collection, an elegant reminder that there is only one thing in life we can count on: change.

Ele Keats jewelry Ele Keats jewelry
Ele Keats jewelry Ele Keats jewelry
Ele Keats jewelry Ele Keats jewelry

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